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June 11, 2017

The Power of a Little Word

Order of Worship



The scripture this week presents the very last words of the Gospel of Matthew. This does not mean that we are done with the first gospel; the great determiners of the lectionary will return us to the middle chapters for the long season of Pentecost. But this week, we are going to "start with the ending." The last verses of Matthew, (Matthew 28:16-20) commonly referred to as "The Great Commission," offer us the last words of Jesus to his disciples. And in these few parting words, one word in particular stands out - "Go!" It is a commission, a command, and a challenge all in one little word. But that word has the power to turn lives around - both for those who leave their old lives to give of themselves for others as well as those who are the recipients of the gracious witness of Christ's followers. For those who accept that challenge, one's daily living becomes a spiritual discipline of putting others first. The title of the sermon is "The Power of a Little Word."
Also this Sunday, we will recognize Marian Laret and Chris Hildebrand for their decades of service in liturgical art and worship enhancements. Our congregation has benefitted weekly because of their creativity and as they now step down from these responsibilities, we want to express our thanks to them.
Our Annual Conference will be in session from June 13 -17. Your delegation from San Carlos will be Carolyn Ingram, Cathy McGinnis, Kim Ports and me. Karl Ports will be part of the production crew for the sessions. We appreciate your prayers for this meeting which will be the first one under the leadership of Bishop Grant Hagiya.
See you Sunday,

Rev. Martha Wingfield


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