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May 14, 2017

 Unexpectant Mothers

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Reverend Martha is gone this weekend as she and Myron celebrate their son's college graduation, a key event in a young person's life.   It means a significant change for him.  A transformation for both him and his family.  Life is filled with moments of change.  Nature reflects change in life as well.

Recently around my home I have noticed a number of butterflies, an indication spring has begun and evidence of transformation, of new life around us.  It set me reflecting on the idea of butterflies as images of new birth, transformation, and Easter. They become something new after their "resurrection" from the cocoon. Butterflies are not worms with wings. They are entirely new creations. The post-Easter Jesus was the same and yet different. After Jesus emerged as a vitally different creation, even those closest to him somehow failed to "see" him.  

We are now five Sundays after the Easter event. And my sense is that we are called to a transformation as well. It is part of being changed by our faith. And it is often uncomfortable and unexpected and yet something not totally foreign to us. We change across time as we grow older. Do we change internally? That is a different matter and the subject of this Sunday's worship.   We will look once more at a story that calls us to be "born from above." We are called to become more than we imagine, to look and actually be different than we were or are.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and we want to acknowledge those from whom our life comes. It is my hope that part of your celebration will include joining us as we look at the familiar story in John's gospel of Nicodemus and his quandary of "reentering the mother's womb." What is the lesson and message Jesus is offering Nicodemus and each of us? What will our post-Easter lives entail and look like?
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