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April 9, 2017

The Power of Palm Sunday

Order of Worship

Dear Friends,

The dual nature of Palm/Passion Sunday comes from the merger of two traditions into one day. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Passion Sunday observes the biblical narrative of Jesus' suffering. Prior to the merger of these two days, many people went from waving palms to celebrating resurrection without hearing the story of the Last Supper, the betrayal, arrest, trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus. In worship this Sunday, we will hear the story from Matthew 21:1-11 about Jesus' parade into Jerusalem. But, we cannot read this story without recognizing that from the moment he climbs down from the colt he is riding, his feet are directed toward the cross on which he will die. And so, on Sunday, while we wave palm branches and sing the lovely words "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna", we will remember that those words translate into the cry, "save us." This bold request we sing about with excitement and anticipation on Sunday will be fulfilled through the saving deed of Christ on the cross on Good Friday.


I invite you to fully participate in the events and services of this week that are listed elsewhere in this message. It is a week filled with poignancy and beauty and truth, both painful and resplendent with hope.


See you Sunday,


Rev. Martha Wingfield


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