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March 19, 2017

Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?

Order of Worship

Dear Friends,


The Samaritan woman at the well has always been my favorite evangelist. Like most women in the Bible, she goes unnamed even though her story is the longest story told in the gospels. She has lived a hard and tragic life - loved and unloved, used and abused, scorned by society because of factors beyond her control. She had become expert at being left alone.


Then, one day, in the midst of her solitary routine, she meets a stranger - a man from whom she fully expects mistreatment. Yet, what unfolds is the story of her redemption. And the way she becomes a disciple is by testifying to everyone she sees that "she has met a man who told me everything I have ever done." Implied in that testimony is the glorious appreciation and understanding that "he loves me still." She has met Jesus and in that encounter experienced the unconditional love of God and is named now a child of God. Her wonderful story is found in John 4:5-42 and the title of the sermon this week is, "Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?"


I look forward to seeing you Sunday,



Rev. Martha Wingfield


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