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February 26, 2017

Faith in the Future Perfect

Order of Worship


Dear Friends,


In the church's liturgical calendar, we stand this week on a mountain with the full light of Epiphany around us and the shadows of Lent ahead. Come Wednesday, Ash Wednesday - we begin a different sort of journey with Jesus - one that leads to the cross. The lighting will be different. The tone will be determined and focused. In Lent, we will see the promises of God come to rapid fulfillment through the death and resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.  But let's not move to Lent too quickly - for this week is the climax of the Epiphany season.


We have not come to this point all of a sudden: there has been epiphany after epiphany occurring since Jesus was born. The first starlight of Epiphany led the Wise Men to discover in a little Jewish boy a savior. At his baptism, the light of the heavens opened up and God spoke to John, revealing to him that Jesus was the Messiah for whom the world had been waiting. As Jesus gathered his disciples along the Sea of Galilee, they saw in him the light of God and put aside their lives and followed. And then this week, from the top of a mountain, we get a light show the likes of which had not been seen since Moses met God on Mt. Sinai. And in this bright moment comes a mysterious truth, clarifying and confirming that God is with us in Jesus Christ.


The texts for this week are Exodus 24:12-18 and Matthew 17:1-9.


See you Sunday,




Rev. Martha Wingfield


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